Carbon Steel – Din 2353 Metric Compression

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Carbon Steel – Din 2353 Metric Compression

Zinc-nickel has a bright future!

DIN 2353 with zinc-nickel surface protection, exceeding the standard values
European Directive 2000/53/EC prohibits the use of components
containing hexavalent chromium in passenger
cars < 3.5 t. For reasons of health and environmental protection
this directive has been effective since 01.07.2007.
Almost all manufacturers of stationary and mobile hydraulic
equipment have adopted this directive.
At the same time, the demands for corrosion protection
have increased greatly, particularly in mobile hydraulics.
For example, values of 96 hours in the salt-spray test to
DIN EN ISO 9227 are no longer acceptable today. With its
optimized zinc-nickel coating, Volz Gruppe GmbH currently
offers corrosion resistance of > 1.200 hours with our MF
brand fittings.
The requirements of REACH and RoHS are met in
this context.

Check valves

L and S-series
Dimensions 6 to 42 mm pipe outer diameter
1 bar opening pressure as standard
Other opening pressures upon request
Proven design
Compact design
Viton seal (internals)
Special seals upon request
Optimized through flow values

Shuttle valves

Various dimensions
Simple design

Large variety of banjo fittings

Optimal solution for installation in confined spaces
Special parts supplied quickly thanks to in-house production
Competent advice from dedicated experts in tube connection technology

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